About TEAM David Associates, LLC

People often say that good things come from adversity.

After graduating with a BA in Economics and Business from Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania, I worked for some well-known names from corporate America, including Andersen Consulting (before it became Accenture), Columbia Gas System, Xerox and Apple Computer. I took away great "big business" knowledge and experience, but knew deep down that my calling was to apply this knowledge and experience to the unique needs of small companies. I went back to graduate school full time and earned an MBA from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!), then moved to Philadelphia where I had been recruited to work for a small software company as a Product Manager. I moved on to a short stint in sales management for a small distribution company before being recruited to serve as President of a small educational publishing company that was in horrible shape and in need of a major turnaround. We rolled up our sleeves and turned an old fashioned, staid educational company into a nimble, cutting edge software developer and marketer.

After 12 years in that role, I found myself feeling complacent and stale and contemplating the next step in my career. What did I want to do next? Where can I contribute the most value to the most people? This is how TEAM David Associates, LLC got started. My goal is to be Your Trusted Small Business Consultant.

I named my company TEAM David Associates, LLC for a couple of reasons. First, the most important lesson I learned in my career is that the best businesses operate as a TEAM. I have been part of wonderful and dysfunctional TEAMs, and have experienced the highs and lows associated with those experiences. It is my goal to integrate into your team to help you achieve the results you desire. As a consultant, my successes are the TEAM's successes. I am all about creating and contributing to a winning TEAM!

Second, TEAM David is what we call our family. It represents the first initials of our immediate family. Our older son Teddy is the T, I am the E, my wife Allison is the A and our younger son Max is the M. To a small business owner, her business and employees are like family-and nothing is more important than family. I hope to make your acquaintance and get the opportunity to earn a place as part of your TEAM.


To TEAMwork and success,

Eric David

Eric S. David
The "E" in TEAM
TEAM David Associates, LLC